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Traffic Managment Solutions

Our Toll Systems utilize IRD DYNAX Treadles, which provide toll agencies and concessionaires efficient and effective operation. IRD provides complete lane control, vehicle classification and revenue collection systems for toll plazas.

iToll : Intelligent way to manage Toll Collection

Customized Systems for different Tolling Solutions: Over the last 10 years of presence in South Asia. We are well acquainted with different client requirements. We can implement a range of solutions from simple audit to Electronic toll collection systems incorporating multiple payment options through smart cards, weekly/monthly passes, and bar code scanned receipts along with real time incident detection functionality. IRD SA is a turn key solutions provider and we believe in working with our clients. Our systems provide highly accurate vehicle classification, multiple payment options, high resolution video capture, and are scalable, robust, hi-tech, fully auditable, economical, and customized to operate.

Salient Features of IRD Toll Collection System :
  • Fully Auditable: Monitors each vehicle passage and records any incidents or discrepancies for corrective action.
  • Flexible Payment Options: In addition to cash, payment by electronic means such as Smart Card, credit cards, and RF Transponders is available.
  • Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) Option: Provides the option to charge fees for over-weight vehicles or charge toll on weight basis.
  • Dynax Treadle Sensors for classification: Speed independent with over 99.5% accuracy.
Applications: Toll Systems can be used at:
Toll Collection at BOT Projects
Toll Collection at State Border Entry Points

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Highway Traffic Managment and Control Systems (HTMS)  
Our HTMS system is a single scalable and Reliable Network adaptable to any highway design, implemented with high quality commercial components including IRD WIM, Toll, Safety and Vehicle Tracking Systems.  

Salient Features of HTMS :

  • Emergency Call Boxes
  • Automatic Traffic Counter Cum Classifier(ATCC)
  • Variable Message Systems
  • Video Incident Detection
  • Close Circuit Telivision Surveillance System (CCTV)
  • Optical Fiber Cable Network
  • Meteorological Stations(MET)
  • Communication System
As the name suggests, it is required on highways for providing traffic safety and various other information's to road users.

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